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Marlyne and Patrick Curtet, aka MP Curtet, come out of a hybrid lineage of art direction and photography, mixing French elegance with an utterly bold spirit. 
The L.A.-based French couple works in a symbiotic relationship with their combined talents adding a unique depth and quality to their images. The emotive resonance of their partnership gives an extra layer to their storytelling and cinematographic vision. 
Aside from the uniqueness of their images, the duo loves bringing an innovative approach to any challenge that gets thrown their way. There are no boundaries to their thinking: virtual reality, unreal engines, drones, or CGI may all be used to forward their vision and storytelling. MP Curtet loves to share their passion, bringing diverse multidisciplinary crews in the service of creativity. They use their multifaceted talents to create stunning content still & video for all multimedia platforms.
MP Curtet has brought their cinematographic look and experience to award-winning projects for 100+ brands including Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Hennessy, Red Bull, Adobe, Dior, Lufthansa, Serengeti Eyewear, Harley-Davidson, Toyota, BMW, General Motors, Genesis, Nissan, Air France, and Oakley. While their original playground had been the automotive industry, their iconic work now spans many other sectors including luxury, culinary, beverage, and lifestyle. Shooting across major locations like South Africa, China, Mongolia, Australia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Morocco, Croatia, Peru, Chile, Iceland, Norway, Japan, India, Spain, Canada, and Mexico, MP Curtet has worked in 76 different countries.